Customer Racing: Premiere at Spa-Francorchamps

Mercedes-AMG GT4 – a new class of performance

On the occasion of the 2017 24-hour race at Spa-Francorchamps, Mercedes-AMG is presenting its latest competition car: the Mercedes-AMG GT4. The new model is based on the Mercedes-AMG GT R and has been made to meet the requirements of international GT4 race series. Its production-based concept combines fully-matured racing technology with the highest level of safety and efficiency. With the Mercedes-AMG GT4, the sports car and performance brand from Affalterbach expands its Customer Racing Program with a promising vehicle category. Since 2010, Mercedes- AMG has been enjoying outstanding achievements in the GT3 class, initially with the SLS AMG GT3 and since 2016 with the Mercedes-AMG GT3. After an intense testing and trial phase, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 will be delivered to the first Customer Racing Teams at the end of 2017.

Affalterbach – A production-based concept, convincing safety features, proven competition technology, high efficiency, fully matured vehicle development: that is the Mercedes-AMG GT4. With the new GT4 race car, Mercedes-AMG is entering another GT racing category that stands out  for its dynamic growth. Race series all over the world provide an attractive mix of demanding sprint races and legendary endurance races that allow for an increasing number of opportunities to compete with GT4 machinery.

"The GT4 segment is getting more and more popular. The production-based concept is an important factor, especially when you want to get started in motorsport as a team or as a driver. For some teams, the GT4 category also serves as a sensible addition to their existing involvement in GT3, for instance to support young drivers," says Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. "For us as a manufacturer, GT4 competition is a logical next step to extend our Customer Racing Program. After the achievements in GT3 racing, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 is opening another valuable platform for us to prove our competence as a globally successful sports car and performance brand. There is no doubt that we will once again be setting new benchmarks in the segment with the latest member in our Customer Racing Program."

Production-base meets racing technology

The Mercedes-AMG GT4 is based on the Mercedes-AMG GT R that was revealed in June of 2016 and already has a particularly high level of race track performance. The highly dynamic characteristics of the road-legal sports car were developed further in a consequent way. In every area where the production specification could mean a compromise for racing purposes, it is replaced by racing technology for the Mercedes-AMG GT4. The many years of experience from the GT3 segment has clearly been incorporated into the development.

Fully matured and competitive

Like with the introduction of the SLS AMG GT3 and the Mercedes-AMG GT3, aspirations for the new race car are high: the Mercedes-AMG GT4 is entering the scene as a fully matured and proven competition car. It arrives to set new benchmarks in its class relating to safety, ergonomics, drivability, performance as well as service- and user-friendliness.

"Our customers have high expectations when we are presenting a new car and rightfully so: the SLS AMG GT3 and the Mercedes-AMG GT3 were capable of winning from their very first lap of racing onwards and were able to prove it in an impressive way. That also is the benchmark for the new Mercedes-AMG GT4. Therefore, we have taken the time that was necessary for development and testing to be able to offer a perfect product in the end. We aren't entering a new segment to finish second," Stefan Wendl, head of Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing, says.

A comprehensive test and development program

As Test and Development Drivers, Bernd Schneider, Thomas Jäger and Jan Seyffarth are largely contributing to the maturity of the Mercedes-AMG GT4. Like with the SLS AMG GT3 and the Mercedes-AMG GT3, the cooperation between the experienced drivers and the engineers from Affalterbach is an important element in the complex vehicle development process. The close interaction between the experts results into excellent drivability, a characteristic that is typical for Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing cars.

Prior to the first deliveries, scheduled for the end of 2017, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 is to undergo further intense testing. The program includes a total of over 30,000 kilometers of track testing. The new car has already successfully proven its reliable endurance performance and high durability in a 30-hour endurance test at race speed at the Lausitzring.

To allow for experience from real racing conditions to be integrated into the development, three prototypes will be participating in selected test races during the current 2017 motorsport season. For these outings, the cars will be run in co-operation with development partner HWA AG and, if required, with support from partner teams.

Further development of a proven power unit

The Mercedes-AMG GT4 is powered by the 4.0 liter V8 biturbo engine with direct fuel injection, known from the road cars from Affalterbach. The proven production technology of the front-mid engine allows for particularly long service intervals and also provides sufficient performance reserves for the future. Depending on the balance of performance, this results into an output of up to 503 hp (375 kW) and a maximum torque of over 443 lb-ft (600 Nm).

Optimized gearshift for competition use

Like in the Mercedes-AMG GT3, the sequential six-speed competition gearbox in the Mercedes-AMG GT4 is linked to the rear axle in transaxle formation and is pneumatically operated. This arrangement results into a favorable weight distribution and a lower center of gravity. A differential that is adjustable from the outside optimizes the driving characteristics for the specific requirements  of competition use. In the construction and the integration of the gearbox, the focus of the development was not only on performance, but also on service and rebuild ease.

Award-winning  light-weight construction

To achieve maximum performance at the race track, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 has been weight-optimized in every area. An intelligent mix of aluminum and carbon has been used for the chassis and the bodywork. The structure of the GT4 consists of a very light and extremely rigid aluminum spaceframe that can also be found in the Mercedes-AMG GT R and that has been honored with the 'Leichtbau Award 2017,' an innovation award from the German engineers' association VDI. As a part of the AMG Lightweight Performance Strategy, further measures and optimizations of details contribute to the weight  reduction. Thus, racing-specific bodywork parts such as the hood, the front bumper or the front splitter have been made of a particularly lightweight composite material. In the production version of the GT R, carbon is already used as a material for the front fenders and the torque tube between the engine and the gearbox.

Benchmark-setting safety

The Mercedes-AMG GT4 has adopted the proven safety concept of its 'big GT3 brother' and is thus setting new benchmarks in its class. The best possible driver protection has the highest priority. Here, the rollcage of high-strength steel and the aluminum spaceframe play a central role. The carbon driver safety cell meets the latest FIA homologation standards and features an integrated headrest. Optionally, this is also available for the passenger seat. Because of its design, the safety cell also provides a very high level of protection for a driver's shoulders, hips and legs. Moreover, it is compatible with the HANS (Head And Neck Support) system. An extrication hatch in the roof and a powerful fire extinguishing system round out the competition- specific safety features.

Optimal ergonomics in the cockpit

Ergonomics and functionality can be found in the interior of the Mercedes-AMG GT4: all the elements, systems and displays have been designed in such a way that less experienced drivers can also handle them quickly. In the large cockpit, even tall drivers find sufficient space, especially  as the steering wheel has a wide adjustment range and the pedals can be  adjusted as well. For easy handling and good visibility in the dark, the controls on the steering wheel are illuminated as are the large switches on the center console that is orientated towards the driver. The effective circulation of fresh air  in the interior is particularly pleasant  for  the driver and, to  allow the drivers to keep cool in all racing conditions, air conditioning is available for the Mercedes-AMG GT4 as an option.

User-friendly  racing electronics

The electronics of the Mercedes-AMG GT R were revised to meet the requirements of the GT4 race car. A durably high user and service friendliness complements reliable operation under extreme pressure. Customer Racing Teams that are familiar with the Mercedes-AMG GT3 will particularly benefit as they will find proven menu structures and solutions. The racing engine control unit is the digital heart that guarantees an exact performance. A new torque control allows for excellent measurement and drivability. Further highlights include an optimized version of the AMG TRACTION CONTROL that enables the driver to adjust the slip on the rear axle in eleven levels to suit varying grip conditions.

Exact driving performance

The highly precise driving characteristics rank among the outstanding features  of the Mercedes-AMG GT4. The suspension, with double wishbones and dampers with adjustable rebound and compression, gives direct and clear feedback to the driver in every situation. Drivers of every level quickly find confidence in the car as a result. Moreover, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 convinces with exact steering response, outstanding agility and excellent traction. A powerful competition brake system with multi-adjustable ABS ensures maximum stopping power. The Mercedes-AMG GT4 is equipped with 18 inch forged AMG light-alloy wheels.

Aerodynamically  optimize design

The new Mercedes-AMG GT4 is bringing the characteristic design of its production  counterpart  to  the  race track. The  unmistakable  features  include the flat front section with the radiator grille that is tilted to the front. This lay- out lowers the stagnation pressure point on the car to improve both the aerodynamic performance and the flow of the cooling air through the hood. All other design elements of the Mercedes-AMG GT4 are focused on the technical benefit and add to the overall performance. The aerodynamics are playing a leading role: building on the innovative aerodynamic concept of the Mercedes- AMG GT R, the race car was further optimized in a comprehensive wind tunnel test to achieve a handling that is as neutral as possible. Like this, it is easier for the teams to find an individual track set-up. To this end, the rear wing of the GT4 car has a very wide adjustment range to select the required combination of low drag and high downforce levels. At the aerodynamically optimized front, a wide splitter reduces the lift on the front axle, to which the flics mounted to the side of the front bumper contribute as well.

The main areas of competition for the Mercedes-AMG GT4

The boom of the GT4 class was initiated in Europe and is reflected in a rapidly increasing number of opportunities for competition, be it with exclusive GT4 formats or as separate vehicle categories within various series or  events. Currently, the following series can be considered as the most important 'hunting grounds' for the new Mercedes-AMG GT4: the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge and the Pirelli World Challenge in the US, the Blancpain GT Series Asia in Asia and the Australian GT Trophy in Australia. In Germany, the VLN endurance racing championship and the Nürburgring 24-hours are the designated highlights for the new race car from Affalterbach. The GT4 European Series Northern Cup and the GT4 European Series Southern Cup are dedicated international GT4 series. The 24H Endurance Series also provides a large international platform for GT4 competition. Therefore, the new Mercedes-AMG GT4 is eligible to race at a large international platform where it can compete for victories and titles in the hands of the AMG Customer Racing Teams.

Technical specifications Mercedes-AMG GT4*:


AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo  engine


3,982 cc


up to 503 hp (375 kW)*

Max. torque

up to 443 lb-ft (600 Nm)*


rear wheel drive;
transaxle construction: front engine, gearbox on the rear axle, linked by a torque tube


Sequential six-speed AMG competition gearbox with mechanical (adjustable) differential and  magnesium casing;
pneumatic operation;
shift paddles on the steering wheel


Aluminum space frame; rollcage of high-strength steel; bodywork with carbon elements


Carbon driver safety cell according to latest FIA regulations; includes. customizable seat padding and integrated headrest; extrication hatch in the roof;
powerful competition fire extinguishing  system


Aluminum double wishbones front and rear,
shock absorbers with adjustable rebound and compression


Motorsport  electronics  with  new  torque  control; optimized driver aid systems; AMG TRACTION CONTROL,
competition ABS, Race-Start-Control; service-friendly durable motorsport wiring


Electro-mechanical power steering


Competition brake system with adjustable ABS; ventilated  composite brake discs;
6 pistons front, 4 pistons rear;
Front disc diameter: 15.4" (390 mm)
Rear disc diameter: 14.0" (355 mm)


AMG light-alloy wheels (forged), 18"x11"

Tires front / rear

305/660-18 / 305/680-18


approx. 3,064 lbs. (1390 kg)*

Length/ width / height

181.8" / 78.6" / 49.8" (4,618 mm / 1,996 mm / 1,265 mm)

Wheel base

103.5" (2,630 mm)

Fuel tank capacity 31.7 gallons (120 l) (motor sport safety tank)
Acceleration 0-60 mph under 4 s*
Top speed over 155 mph*

Retail price

198,850 Euros (excluding VAT)


*depending on Balance of Performance


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