Mercedes-Benz Offers SPLITVIEW Technology

Innovative SPLITVIEW Screen Provides Dual-Content Viewing

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz CL coupe and the S-Class sedan are available with SPLITVIEW – an innovative dual-viewing technology that brings a new level of safety and infotainment to motorists. Using the large COMAND screen at the top center of the dashboard, SPLITVIEW allows the driver and front passenger to view two different displays -- in full-screen -- at the same time.

For example, the driver can view the navigation system, while on the very same display screen, the passenger (looking from a different angle) is watching a movie. To dramatize this technology, a person sliding across the entire back seat from left to right first sees the navigation map. Approaching the middle of the seat, the screen goes dark, and continuing to the right, the movie image comes into view.

SPLITVIEW – New and Useful Technology

An eight-inch COMAND display in the center of the dashboard features a backlit active-matrix TFT-LCD screen. Two sets of pixels can be displayed, and a mask on the screen filters out one set or the other, based on viewing angle. The COMAND controller determines the driver's content, while the passenger uses a dedicated remote control. The passenger also has headphones to ensure the driver isn't distracted by a movie soundtrack.