The 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan

The automotive benchmark in intelligence and comfort

The newly updated S-Class Sedan celebrates its world premiere with extensive innovations at the Shanghai Auto Show. Among the highlights are the extended suite of Intelligent Drive features that take another step towards autonomous driving and a new generation of Mercedes-Benz engines. The undisputed leader in the premium segment with regards to comfort and wellness sets new standards in the interior with the new generation of dual 12.3" high-resolution displays with a single bonded glass panel, new trim options and new upholstery offerings.

The top-of-the-range Mercedes-Benz sedan takes another big step towards the future of autonomous driving and elevates Intelligent Drive to the next level. For example, Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC and Active Steering Assist now provide even more support for the driver to keep a safe distance and steer. The speed is now adjusted automatically ahead of curves or junctions.

Further unique features of the S-Class in its segment include the LED Intelligent Light System with Ultra Wide Beam, Road Surface Scan (the forward-looking detection of bumps) and curve-tilting function.

ENERGIZING Comfort is also a world-first entering series production. This optional feature links various comfort systems in the vehicle together, such as climate control, ambient lighting, massage and fragrancing functions, and allows customers to configure a specific wellness setup to suit their current mood or needs, enhancing physical comfort and performance on the road.

"The development of the new S-Class was extremely extensive. With a whole series of new features and functions, the S-Class remains a technological pioneer," says Ola Källenius, Member of the Board of Management responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development.

The Mercedes-Benz flagship model was the best-selling luxury sedan in the world in 2016. Since 2013, the company has sold well over 300,000 sedans.

Three accents of light as an exclusive exterior design feature

Modern luxury in the new S-Class is clearly evident in the impressive quality of materials and workmanship. All models are fitted with a new grille: the models with six and eight-cylinder engines sport three twin louvers as well as vertical strips with a high-gloss black finish.

On the Mercedes-Maybach, the upgraded front with extensive chrome trim underscores its exceptional status in the S-Class lineup. Also new is the Maybach logo between the louvers of the radiator grille.

In conjunction with the new LED Intelligent Light System, the S-Class features three distinctive accents of light as an exclusive design element, as well as the newly redesigned sporty front bumper with pronounced air intakes. The new LED taillamps, reminiscent of crystal jewels, stand out at the rear and ensure a characteristic design both by day and by night.

All models are fitted with a redesigned lower bumper section with an integrated visible tailpipe trim. The tailpipes are framed by a chrome trim element, which spans the entire width of the vehicle. Two new 20" alloy wheels are also available.

Control and display concept with widescreen cockpit and new generation of steering wheels

The interior of the new S-Class is characterized by two, new high-resolution displays, each with a screen diagonal of 12.3 inches. Visually, the two displays under one shared glass cover blend into a wide-screen cockpit; this central element consequently emphasizes the horizontal orientation of the interior design.

Like the instrument cluster, this wide-screen cockpit contains a large display with virtual instruments in the direct field of vision of the driver as well as a central display above the center console. With the fully digital cockpit, the driver can choose from three different display styles (Classic, Sport and Progressive) and also configure the information and views relevant to them.

The newly redesigned S-Class has Touch Control Buttons on the steering wheel that respond to swiping motions like the screen of a smartphone and enables the driver to control the entire multimedia system without having to take their hands off the steering wheel.

The multimedia system can also be operated via the touchpad with controller in the center console and by Voice Control. The operation of Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC or standard cruise control is controlled via steering wheel-mounted controls.

Authentic materials and meticulous attention to detail

High-quality materials define the interior of the S-Class, including the two new natural grain ash wood trim offerings. The refined look and feel created through meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship are a Mercedes-Benz hallmark.

The material and color concept has also been carefully composed, and features a wide range of brown tones, including three new upholstery color combinations: Silk Beige/Deep-Sea Blue, Magma Grey/Espresso Brown and Mahogany/Silk Beige.

Lighting atmosphere with 64 colors

As before, the interior lighting uses only long-lasting, energy-saving LED technology. With 64 colors, the optionally extended ambient lighting offers a wealth of individual settings. It adds lighting elements on the trim elements, central display, stowage facility at the front of the center console, handle recesses, door pockets, in the front and rear footwells and on the overhead control panel when the vehicle is equipped with the Burmester® High-End 3D Surround Sound System.

All S-Class models are also fitted as standard with KEYLESS-GO®.

World-first: wellness while driving

ENERGIZING Comfort is a world-first entering series production. This optional feature links various comfort systems in the vehicle together. It systematically uses the functions of the climate control system (including fragrancing) and the seats (heater, ventilation, massage), the console heating as well as lighting and musical atmospheres, and enables a specific wellness set-up tailored to the mood and need of the driver. This enhances the physical comfort and performance both while driving and during breaks. ENERGIZING Comfort can be experienced in all seats, depending on the equipment level.

The following six Energizing Comfort programs can be selected:

  • Freshness
  • Warmth
  • Vitality
  • Joy
  • Comfort
  • Training (three trainings – muscle relaxation, muscle activation and balance - each with several exercises)

Each program runs for ten minutes and are visualized on the headunit with color graphics, and backed by suitable music. Five songs are already stored in the program. The key function in the "Vitality" program, for example, is fast and upbeat music. If personal music selections are available, for example via the Media Interface, the system analyzes them in the background and assigns them to a program based on the beats per minute (bpm). Individual functions of the program can also be deactivated.

ENERGIZING Comfort also incorporates ambient lighting, which is harmoniously tailored to each of the individual screen designs. The light stages the interior like a work of art by composing color worlds from different colors.

The color worlds can be temporarily replaced with special effects – for example, a special lighting atmosphere can welcome the driver. In addition, the climate control system indicates whether the temperature is adjusted up or down through the color of the ambient lighting. The brightness of the LEDs adapts equally variably and can be set in five levels and four zones: wide-screen cockpit, area of front seats, rear compartment, and all lights.

In addition, the ambient lighting creates emotionally appealing contrasts and structures the interior into levels. 64 colors, ten color worlds and three different lighting zones (footwells, trim element level and wide-screen cockpit) enable an avant-garde lighting scene with spectacular color changes.

Powertrain: new engines with landmark technology

The S-Class model range now includes the S450 and S450 4MATIC with a 3.0L V6 biturbo engine that produces 362 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque.

The new 4.0L V8 comes to the starting line with 463 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque in the Mercedes-Benz S560 and Mercedes-Maybach S560 4MATIC. The new biturbo engine is among the most economical V8 engines in the world, and consumes about ten percent less fuel than the predecessor. To lower the fuel consumption, four cylinders of the new V8 are deactivated simultaneously under partial load with the help of the CAMTRONIC valve-lift adjustment system. This reduces gas-cycle losses and enhances the overall efficiency of the four firing cylinders by shifting the operating point towards higher loads. The turbochargers positioned in the V of the cylinder banks represent another special feature.

For superior performance with significantly reduced fuel consumption, the Handcrafted-AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo engine with cylinder deactivation replaces the previous 5.5L V8 biturbo engine in the Mercedes-AMG S65. Despite less displacement, the new engine produces 603 hp.

Intelligent Drive: the next step in driver assistance systems

The S-Class takes another major step towards autonomous driving, elevating Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive to the next level. Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC and Active Steering Assist now provide even more comfortable support for the driver to keep a safe distance and stay in their lane. The speed is now adjusted automatically ahead of curves or intersections, which is complemented by a considerably improved Active Lane Change Assist and additional functions of Active Emergency Stop Assist.

Thanks to enhanced camera and radar systems, the facelifted S-Class has an even better view of the surrounding traffic. In addition, for the first time it makes use of map and navigation data to calculate driving behavior.

This means that Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC is able to assist the driver in many situations based on the route, and conveniently adjust the vehicle speed accordingly.

The "Assistance Graphics" menu of the instrument panel shows the driver at one glance which assistance functions are selected and to what situations the systems are currently responding to. Unmistakable icons provide information on the screen as well in the head-up display and all functions are now controlled from the steering wheel. The new Driver Assistance Package includes but is not limited to the following functions:

  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC uses substantially more map and navigation data, can support the driver based on the route, and Active Speed Limit Assist is able to conveniently adjust the vehicle’s speed.
  • Active Steering Assist has been noticeably improved across its entire performance range, resulting in markedly enhanced customer benefits.
  • Active Lane Change Assist has also been considerably upgraded. Now tapping the indicator stalk is all it takes to initiate a lane change. This lane change is executed within the next ten seconds and indicated in the instrument cluster with the appropriate visual display, if the vehicle sensor system does not detect any vehicles in the relevant safety zone the driver might have missed.
  • Active Emergency Stop Assist brakes the vehicle to a stop when Active Steering Assist is engaged and the system recognizes that the driver is not intervening in the driving process on a sustained basis.
  • Traffic Sign Assist: Posted speed limits are displayed for the current section of the route through image recognition and information from the digital road map of the navigation system. The vehicle speed is compared with the speed limit. When the driver selects the appropriate settings, a visual/ audible warning signal is issued any time the speed limit is exceeded.

Ride quality: MAGIC BODY CONTROL improved and now with CURVE function

The S-Class made a technological breakthrough in 2013 with Road Surface Scan, a system that detects bumps ahead of the vehicle and adjusts the Active Body Control suspension accordingly. In the facelifted S-Class, this suspension control is further improved. The stereo multipurpose camera of the system now scans the road even more thoroughly, even in dusk and at higher speeds. Another comfort enhancement is the CURVE function, available in the S-Class Sedan for the first time (previously available on the S-Class Coupe only), allowing the body to tilt to the inside of the turn by up to 2.65 degrees, reducing the centrifugal forces perceived by passengers.

Long-distance vision: LED Intelligent Light System with Ultra Wide Beam

In 2013, the S-Class became the first automobile to exclusively use LEDs as light sources. The LED Intelligent Light System is now optionally available with advanced LED headlamps and Ultra Wide Beam high beams. The Ultra Wide Beam produce light at an increased width for maximum illumination of the road and surround area. For the driver, this means a clear improvement of the already great lighting performance of the LED Intelligent Light System. Adaptive Highbeam Assist is also part of the LED Intelligent Light System and allows drivers to drive with activated main beams without dazzling other road users. When there are oncoming vehicles or vehicles in front, the LEDs of the high beam modules are switched off. The other areas of the road continue to be illuminated with the mainbeam.

Wireless charging of smartphones and new Concierge Service

The new headunit generation expands telephone options. With the help of Near Field Communication, compatible smartphones can be charged wirelessly (wireless charging works with all mobile devices that support or can be retrofitted to support the Qi wireless charging standard). The charging pad is integrated into the stowage compartment at the front of the center console.

The available Burmester® High-End 3D Surround Sound System with an output of 1520 watts was expanded even further with a speaker in the overhead control panel and two speakers in the sides.

The mbrace® Concierge service puts a host of individual services at the disposal of mbrace® subscribers: from making restaurant reservations, gathering information on movie times or sporting events and obtaining route guidance. Subscribers can establish a direct connection to mbrace® Concierge through the i-button in their vehicle. The personal concierge takes care of everything else.

The Mercedes-AMG S63 and S65 Sedans

Update for the performance luxury sedan

Affalterbach. New engine, new transmission, new all-wheel drive, new exterior and interior design: on the S63, Mercedes-AMG has dramatically honed driving dynamics and looks even further. For improved performance with significantly reduced fuel consumption, the Handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo engine with cylinder deactivation replaces the previous 5.5L V8 biturbo. Despite the smaller displacement, the new engine puts out 603 hp, 26 hp more than the preceding model. With a zero to 60 mph time of just 3.4 seconds, the performance luxury sedan is on par with full-blooded sports cars. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT® MCT 9-speed transmission replaces the previous 7-speed gearbox, and the fully variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel-drive system provides optimal traction.

As with the AMG S63 Sedan, the top-of-the-range AMG S65 Sedan receives a visual update that underscores the exclusivity of the high-end 12-cylinder model. The Handcrafted AMG 6.0L V12 biturbo engine retains its output of 621 hp and peak torque of 738 lb-ft. Thanks to the highest stage of development of the V8 and V12 biturbo engines, both new models deliver more output and torque than the competitors.

The new LED Intelligent Light System and updated front bumper with jet wing design underscores the more expressive appearance of both AMG S-Class models. The newly redesigned rear bumper and modified tailpipe trim add distinctive design focus as well.

"Impressive power, torque and performance on the road, as well as expressive design distinguish the new Mercedes-AMG S63 and S65. With the S63, we additionally took a major development step that supports our leadership claim in the areas of driving dynamics, performance, traction, equipment and demonstrative comfort. The S65, with its high-torque 6.0L V12 biturbo engine, remains the spearhead of the S-Class models," says Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Technical data at a glance:

  Mercedes-AMG S63 Sedan Mercedes-AMG S65 Sedan
Engine Handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo with cylinder deactivation Handcrafted AMG 6.0L V12 biturbo
Displacement 3,982 cc 5,980 cc
Output 603 hp @ 5,500-6,000 rpm 621 hp @ 4,800-5,400 rpm
Peak torque 664 lb-ft @ 2,750-4,500 rpm 738 lb-ft @ 2,300-4,300 rpm
Drive system AMG Performance 4MATIC+ permanent all-wheel drive with fully-variable torque split Rear-wheel drive
Transmission AMG SPEEDSHIFT® MCT 9-speed sports transmission AMG SPEEDSHIFT® PLUS 7G-TRONIC transmission
Acceleration 0-60 mph 3.4 sec 4.2 sec
Top speed 186 mph (electronically limited) 186 mph (electronically limited)

Handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo engine with twin-scroll turbochargers

The handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo engine in the S63 Sedan comes exclusively in the highest performance stage to date, with a rating of 603 hp. The peak torque of 664 lb-ft also represents a new maximum, and is available across a wide rev range (between 2,750 and 4,500 rpm). The sprint from zero to 60 mph takes just 3.4 seconds, faster than in any other performance luxury sedan, and the electronically-limited top speed is 186 mph.

The further advanced handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 Biturbo engine utilizes well-proven twin-turbo forced induction, with the two chargers not located outside on the cylinder banks, but rather between them in the V of the cylinders. The advantages of the "hot inner V" are a compact engine design, an immediate response from the turbochargers and low exhaust emissions thanks to optimum airflow to the close-coupled catalytic converters.

Two twin-scroll turbochargers provide even better fresh-mixture cylinder charge. The results are a higher output, more torque at low engine speed and very spontaneous throttle response.

'AMG Cylinder Management' cylinder deactivation system

For maximum efficiency, Mercedes-AMG equipped the V8 engine in the S63 Sedan with the AMG Cylinder Management cylinder deactivation system. In the partial-load range, cylinders two, three, five and eight are deactivated, which significantly lowers the fuel consumption.

When the driver has selected the "Comfort" transmission driving mode, the cylinder deactivation system is available in the wide engine speed range from 1,000 to 3,250 rpm. The AMG main menu on the instrument cluster informs the driver whether the cylinder deactivation system is in use and whether the engine is presently operating in the partial or full-load range. The transition from four to eight-cylinder operation is immediate, fast and imperceptible, so that the passengers do not experience any loss of comfort whatsoever.

Short shift times, high efficiency: the AMG SPEEDSHIFT® MCT 9-speed transmission

For the first time, the S63 is fitted with the AMG SPEEDSHIFT® MCT 9-speed transmission, which impresses with extremely short shift times, fast multiple downshifts and a rev-matching function. A wet start-off clutch replaces the torque converter of the production model. This saves weight and improves the response to the driver's accelerator pedal input, particularly during acceleration and load changes.

The extremely high torque of the S65 is transferred by the proven AMG SPEEDSHIFT® PLUS 7G-TRONIC transmission. It delivers convincing tailor-made dynamics and high variability. Whether automatic or initiated by the driver using the steering wheel paddle shifters, upshifts or downshifts are affected quickly and instantly. Especially in the "Sport+" and in manual driving modes, the transmission is very fast and responsive.

AMG Performance 4MATIC+ fully-variable all-wheel drive

The S63 Sedan comes as standard with the fully variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel-drive system. This intelligent system combines the advantages of different drive concepts: the fully variable torque split between front and rear axle, another first, ensures not optimal traction. The driver is also able to rely on high handling stability and a high level of safety under all conditions, in the dry, in the wet or in snow. The transition from rear-wheel to all-wheel drive and vice versa is seamless, because the intelligent control is integrated into the overall vehicle system architecture.

An electro-mechanically controlled clutch connects the permanently driven rear axle variably to the front axle. The best possible torque split is continuously computed according to the driving conditions and driver's input. The performance sedan can thus be driven in a continuously variable way from traction-oriented all-wheel drive to purely rear-wheel drive. Transitions are seamless and based on a sophisticated matrix. Alongside traction and lateral dynamics, the all-wheel drive also improves the longitudinal dynamics for even more powerful acceleration.

For a personalized experience: AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes

The four AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes -- "Comfort," "Sport," "Sport+" and "Individual," -- allow the driver to influence the characteristics of the AMG S63 and AMG S65 Sedans. Each driving mode modifies key parameters such as the response of engine, transmission, suspension, steering, ESP® and all-wheel drive (in the AMG S63). Independently of the DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes, the driver has the option of pressing the "M" button to switch directly to manual mode, in which gearshifts are executed exclusively using the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. If required, the suspension settings can be specially selected as well. The 3-stage ESP® and exhaust flap can also be switched with a special button.

The "Comfort" setting is the well-balanced driving mode with a comfort-oriented suspension and steering set-up, as well as a low consumption powertrain configuration and early upshifts – including smooth gear changes and a discreet engine sound. Cylinder deactivation (in the S63), ECO Start/Stop function and sailing function (in the S63) are also actived: when the driver releases the accelerator in a speed range between 37 and 99 mph, the clutch of the MCT transmission disengages and the engine is decoupled from the powertrain. The electronics lower the engine speed to idle and driving resistance is reduced by the compression and friction forces of the engine on overrun.

The AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes "Sport" and "Sport+" are designed for high driving dynamics. This is provided by the agile accelerator pedal characteristics with direct set-up and the emotionally appealing gearshifts with shortened shift times and rev-matching function on downshifts. The increased idle speed in "Sport+" makes even quickeracceleration from standstill possible.

In addition, the AMG S65 features the "Curve" driving mode, active in the speed range between 9 mph and 112 mph. A curve-tilting function is integrated into the MAGIC BODY CONTROL suspension of the S65. As a result, the vehicle tilts to the inside of a turn by up to 2.65 degrees, similar to a motorcycle rider, reducing the perceived lateral forces and virtually eliminating body roll.

RACE START, now even easier

The RACE START function is also now available in the S63 Sedan. It has a new and simplified operating logic: in the "Sport" or "Sport+" driving modes, the driver only has to press hard on the brake pedal with their left foot while fully depressing the accelerator pedal with their right foot at the same time.

The on-board electronics will then set the optimum engine speed. Depending on the requirements or the road surface conditions, the engine speed can be increased or lowered in a certain range by operating the paddle shifters. As soon as the driver releases the brake pedal, the S63 storms forward with optimal traction, completing the sprint from zero to 60 mph in a best-in-class 3.4 seconds.

Pure sound: controllable AMG Performance Exhaust System

The AMG S63 Sedan is fitted as standard with the controllable AMG Performance Exhaust System to achieve an even more emotionally appealing sound experience. The adjustable flaps modulate the exhaust note authentically and directly. The flaps open or close depending on the selected AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving mode, but can also be controlled individually with a separate button in the AMG DRIVE UNIT on the center console. In the "Comfort" and "Sport" modes, the low-frequency sound typical of a V8 emphasizes comfort. In "Sport+" it is of a much more emotionally appealing nature.

Systematic lightweight design: AMG Lightweight Performance

The stringent implementation of the AMG Lightweight Performance strategy contributes to high driving dynamics and low fuel consumption. The lightweight construction measures include the use of a lightweight lithium-ion starter battery, AMG forged alloy wheels as well as the weight-optimized AMG Ceramic Composite Braking System. Furthermore, the entire outer skin of the S-Class, including the roof and the front end of the body, is made of aluminum. Installing a spare wheel recess made of carbon fiber, a material used in Formula 1 racing, reduces weight by an additional nine pounds.

Specially developed suspension for maximum lateral and longitudinal dynamics

The AMG S63 Sedan is equipped with an AMG Sport Suspension based on AIRMATIC®. Customers can preset the damping to the stages "Comfort" or "Sport" from relaxed long-distance comfort to dynamic sportiness. Rebound and compression are set independently of each other, which optimizes the adaptation to the driving status and the quality of the road. The freely-programmable mapping furthermore allows a wide spread between minimum and maximum damping forces. The difference between the comfortable and sporty suspension setting is more refined and even more perceptible.

Mercedes-AMG developed special front axle kinematics including increased wheel camber, bigger stabilizer bar and more rigid subframe mount at the rear axle exclusively for the S63 Sedan. These measures optimize the vehicle's agility when employing a spirited driving style. In conjunction with the newly developed front axle and the specially tuned all-wheel-drive system, the S63 Sedan represents a new dimension in driving dynamics in its segment.

AMG S65: AMG Sport Suspension based on MAGIC BODY CONTROL with curve-tilting function

The MAGIC BODY CONTROL suspension found on the S65 Sedan is focused on driving dynamics and prepares for bumps before the vehicle encounters them. To this end, MAGIC BODY CONTROL combines the active springs of the suspension with continuously adjustable dampers and Road Surface Scan. The system precisely scans the condition of the road ahead with the help of a stereo camera to adjust the damping of each individual wheel optimally to the upcoming bumps ahead of time.

Previously reserved for the S-Class Coupe, the standard curve-tilting function causes the body of the vehicle to tilt to the inside of a turn by up to 2.65 degrees. This significantly reduces the perceived lateral forces and enhances the driving fun on dynamic roads.

Depending on the driving mode, the springing behavior can be set to comfortable or sporty to suit personal preferences; the curve-tilting function can also be activated. The active suspension effectively compensates body roll, squat and dive when moving off the line, in curves and during braking. The continuously adjustable dampers enable comfortable basic damping and a speed-dependent firm setting.

The ride height of the AMG S65 Sedan can be raised by 1.6" to increase ground clearance. At high speeds, the suspension is automatically lowered by up to 0.6," thereby reducing aerodynamic drag and increasing handling stability.

Direct and with clear feedback: AMG speed-sensitive steering

The electro-mechanical speed-sensitive sports steering in the AMG S63 and S65 sedans has a variable steering ratio. It stands out thanks to the AMG-specific rack-and-pinion ratio with its precise, highly authentic feedback. Power assist varies between three stages: "Comfort," "Sport" and "Sport+." The relevant characteristics are automatically activated depending on the selected AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving mode or can be personalized in "Individual" mode. At low speeds, the driver only needs to provide minimal steering input. At high speeds, he or she is able to rely on solid straight-line stability. The clearly defined steering center and the authentic feedback likewise contribute to the optimum steering feel.

Good control and fade-resistant: the AMG High-Performance Compound Braking System

The large AMG High-Performance Compound Braking System decelerates the AMG sedans reliably and quickly, and is fade-resistant even under high stress. Both the S63 and S65 are fitted with compound 15.4" x 1.4" brake rotors with 6-piston aluminum fixed calipers on the front axle, and of size 14.2" x 0.9 mm with single-piston floating calipers on the rear axle.

The AMG Ceramic Composite Braking System is optionally available. The weight savings of more than 20 percent reduces unsprung mass and increases driving dynamics, agility and ride quality. Furthermore, the ceramic brakes are distinguished by a longer service life, higher corrosion resistance and higher thermal stability. It features brake discs of size 16.5" x 1.6" at the front and 14.2" x 1.3" rotors at the rear. This system can be identified visually by the "AMG Carbon Ceramic" lettering on the specially-painted brake calipers.

3-stage ESP® offers more safety or more fun as desired:

  • ESP® ON: for a high level of safety by adaptation to the sporty character of the car
  • ESP® Sport Handling Mode: allows wider yaw angles before system intervention for a sporty driving style
  • ESP® OFF: system deactivated for a sporty driving style on closed circuits. During hard braking, ESP® is switched back on temporarily.

Front bumper with new jet wing: the exterior design

The AMG S63 and S65 can be identified from the front by the LED Intelligent Light System and the redesigned front bumper with expressive jet wing design. The large side air intakes provide improved airflow to the cooling modules – their functional form is familiar from motorsports. The three-dimensional front splitter reduces lift at the front axle.

The door sill paneling with three-dimensional high-gloss chrome inlays visually lower the S-Class to the road and create even more tension on the side. Typical for the AMG S-Class models are large alloy wheels with a diameter of 20 inches as standard on the S63 Sedan, and forged 20 inches as standard on the S65, with other forged 20-inch wheel designs available on both models. The exclusive forged wheels found on the S65 impress with their eye-catching design: each of the 16 spokes twists in a special way so that the light-catching contours radiate to the center of the wheel hub. The wheel appears larger than its actual dimensions of 8.5" x 20" at the front and 9.5" x 20" at the rear. In addition, the ceramic mirror polishing ensures an exclusive look.

As standard, the forged wheels feature a high-quality, fully integrated wheel bolt cover made of forged aluminum. Its shape is reminiscent of a center lock as seen in motorsport. The AMG logotype is incorporated into the rim as a design element. Three other forged wheels of the same size are optionally available, including two design variants painted in matte black with a high-sheen rim flange.

The powerful rear end of the AMG S63 and S65 is formed by the updated rear bumper with diffuser insert and the redesigned model-specific dual tailpipes of the AMG Sport or Performance Exhaust Systems. Additional stand-out features are the many high-gloss chrome design elements at the front, side and rear, which develop their radiant effect especially in combination with dark paint finishes.

Interior: premium appointments, design and quality

The stylish character of the new S-Class models from Mercedes-AMG is also evident in the interior: both models welcome their passengers with an exclusive ambience. The AMG Sports Seats with memory function and seat heating offer the driver and front passenger increased lateral support. Nappa leather in AMG design with AMG badges in the front and rear backrests creates a luxurious atmosphere on board. Special touches include the embossed AMG emblem on the armrest of the front center console and the analogue clock in exclusive IWC design, which features three-dimensional, milled metal hands and genuine metal appliqués on the face.

The new-generation three-spoke AMG Performance Steering Wheels feature paddle shifters, a deeply-contoured rim trimmed with perforated leather in the grip area, and a metal insert with AMG logo. It is optionally available made of black nappa leather/DINAMICA microfiber. This places all driving functions on the wheel for true control of the car and adds to the driving experience of the AMG models.

Another hallmark AMG specialty are the displays: the 12.3" wide-screen color display reproduces round dials that provide information about engine speed, vehicle speed and more. The driver can choose from three display designs: "Classic," "Sport" (featuring an exclusive AMG design) and "Progressive." In addition, the AMG menu was expanded considerably and can display the engine and transmission oil temperature, G-force meter, engine output and torque, boost pressure, tire temperatures and pressures as well as the current vehicle set-up, among other things.

Numerous options from the AMG Performance Studio

Anyone looking to customize the AMG S63 and S65 even further can order a host of performance options from the AMG Performance Studio. The exterior can be tailored to personal preferences with the AMG Night Package, attractive alternative wheels and a carbon fiber package. In the interior, the Black Nappa Leather/DINAMICA microfiber AMG Performance Steering Wheel boosts the sporty character. Carbon or Carbon/Piano Lacquer trim elements round off the possibilities.


Motorsport enthusiasts can record vehicle data and lap times on the race track with AMG Track Pace App in the S63 Sedan. All values are shown on the COMAND display, and in the Widescreen Cockpit the current times can also be read. Based on the data, drivers are able to analyze their driving style with precision and can use the insights gained to improve their lap times.

The newly redesigned performance luxury sedans celebrate their world premiere as part of the Shanghai Auto Show on April 18, 2017.

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