Mercedes-Benz Previews Future Lineup At New York Show

Mercedes-Benz is hosting the global debut of three new vehicles at the New York International Auto Show, open to the public April 10-19, 2009 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan.  The New York Show also represents the first appearance of the 2010 model year E-Class Sedan and Coupe in North America.


The world premiere of three new Mercedes-Benz vehicles in New York spans the entire automotive spectrum – from the 2010 E63 AMG Sedan (518 hp, 465 lb.-ft. torque), a high-performance AMG version of the new-generation E-Class, to an advanced 2010 ML450 HYBRID sport utility, and the restyled 2010 GL350 BlueTEC (210 hp, 400 lb.-ft. torque) and GL450 (335 hp, 339 lb.-ft. torque).


New-Generation E63 AMG is Unveiled


Making its world premiere at the New York Show is AMG’s high-performance version of the new-generation E-Class sedan – the E63 AMG.  Developed entirely by AMG, its 6.2-liter V8 engine now develops 518 horsepower and is one of the most powerful naturally aspirated production V8s ever.  Built almost completely from a high-strength silicon-aluminum alloy, the 6.2-liter engine boasts a wealth of features derived from AMG’s highly successful racing efforts.


The new E63 AMG manages this immense power with an award-winning seven-speed MCT transmission that provides the direct feedback of a manual transmission with the total convenience of an automatic.  Featuring an innovative start-up clutch that runs in an oil bath and replaces a conventional torque converter, the seven-speed MCT (for multi-clutch technology) combines the direct connection of a manual gearbox with lightning-quick automatic gear shifts.



North American Debut of the Next-Generation E-Class Line


The ninth-generation E-Class Sedan and all-new E-Class Coupe are making their first appearance in North America at the New York Show.  The new E-Class line can be identified by a cutting-edge “cubist” treatment of the trademark twin-headlight face.  Two parallelogram lights are recessed into each front fender, bracketing the three-dimensional chrome frame of the front grille.  The overall body shape features a stylish interplay between taut lines and large concave and convex surfaces.  In particular, a graceful line follows each rear wheel well and shapes the muscular contours of the rear fenders.  While the car looks futuristic, aficionados might recognize styling cues reminiscent of the famous “Ponton Mercedes” of the 1950s.


First-Ever “Attention Assist” Standard Drowsiness Detection


The new-generation E-Class marks the first-ever debut of “Attention Assist,” which couples a steering sensor with intelligent software that evaluates over 70 different parameters to measure driver alertness.  When the sophisticated system senses driver drowsiness, they are alerted via a visual and audible warning.


Other examples of trailblazing innovations include optional automatic emergency braking and an optional Driver Assistance package that includes Blind Spot Assist and a new Lane Keeping Assist feature, which alerts the driver by simulating rumble strip vibration in the steering wheel if the car drifts from its lane without the turn signals on.  An enhanced Night View Assist PLUS recognizes and highlights pedestrians in the central display and an Adaptive High Beam feature senses oncoming and leading traffic and automatically modulates the high-beam headlights.  Interior highlights include 11 standard air bags, the familiar column-mounted Direct Select gear selector and COMAND controller on the center console.


The E-Class line will go on sale in the U.S. initially with the E350 and E550 Coupes in June 2009, followed shortly by their sedan counterparts in July.  The E63 AMG and all-wheel-drive 4MATIC Sedans will follow this fall and the 50-state E350 BlueTEC diesel model will be added next year.


A More Efficient Full-Size SUV – The ML450 HYBRID


The ML450 HYBRID features a powerful electric motor that can work together with a 3.5-liter V6 engine to attain improved fuel efficiency over the full-size ML550 – or when needed, provide the acceleration of a powerful V8.  Around town, the ML450 HYBRID can even operate as a zero-emission vehicle when powered by its electric drive alone.   Using a modified Atkinson cycle for maximum fuel efficiency, the V6 engine kicks in when needed and, when accelerating on a freeway entrance ramp for example, the electric drive and combustion engine work together for a total of 335 horsepower – more than many V8s.



          Restyled GL-Class Features BlueTEC Clean Diesel Power


The renamed GL350 BlueTEC and GL450 have been facelifted for the 2010 model year with a restyled grille, bumpers, wheels and new lights, including LED taillights.  Making its first-ever appearance at the New York Show, the GL350 BlueTEC gets surprisingly good performance and very low exhaust emissions while delivering 20-30 percent better fuel economy.


The seven-seat SUV also boasts impressive cruising range – up to 600 miles at highway speeds.  What’s more, V8-like pulling power makes the GL350 BlueTEC ideal for towing when it’s equipped with an optional 7,500-lb. Class IV trailer hitch.


About Mercedes-Benz USA

With by far the broadest product portfolio in the luxury car market, Mercedes-Benz is also displaying its entire 2009 line at the New York International Auto Show.  Powered by high-technology engines that range from super-thrifty to ultra-high-performance, the lineup includes the world’s finest sedans, coupes and convertibles, as well as an entire family of luxury sport utility vehicles.


Mercedes-Benz USA, headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, is responsible for the sales, marketing and service of all Mercedes-Benz and Maybach products in the United States.  For more than forty years, MBUSA has taken pride in its commitment to the customer by providing superior quality luxury vehicles coupled with outstanding customer support.  More information on MBUSA and its products can be found on the Internet at www.mbusa.comand


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