Sprinter MY 2014 Dealer Ordering Guide

Background - Option Repackaging

Over the past few months, we have invested extensively in better understanding the needs of our Sprinter customers. We have gathered feedback on options from focus groups with 30+ commercial van owners and interviewed 16 dealers across all regions. In addition, we conducted a survey of over 1,000 commercial van owners from across the country.

In all of the results, we found one story to be consistent:

  • Sprinter owners expect more from their vans than any other van owner and, accordingly, need significant options and customization
  • Because of the complicated ordering process for Sprinter, and the often low equipment level of stock vehicles, upfitters provide much of the needed customization, even for features that are available as factory‐installed Sprinter options
  • When Sprinter customers purchase equipment that is available factory‐installed from upfitters, the consequences often include higher price levels for customers, lower revenue for Sprinter dealers and, frequently, customer wait times and quality concerns

To simplify the option selection process and better meet our customers' needs, we have redesigned the Sprinter packages and are launching 8 new customer‐focused packages. All packages are designed around important usage themes provided directly by Sprinter owners:

  • Driver Comfort
  • Driver Efficiency
  • Active Safety Plus and Active Safety Plus with Parktronic
  • Cold Weather
  • Premium Appearance
  • Workspace Access (Cargo Vans only)
  • Cargo Protection (Cargo Vans only)
  • Rear Passenger Comfort (Passenger Vans only)

We believe that the new packages will drive significant value for dealers through incremental sales, an easier van configuration process and more satisfied customers. Additional benefits include the following:

  • Packages tell a story. Due to their design around a specific customer need, it will now be easier to explain the benefits of individual packages to prospective customers and identify, which ones best fit a buyers’ needs. More information on each one of the new packages is attached as a separate file.
  • Packages are priced at approximately 20% less than the sum of the individual options within each package to promote customer demand
  • Packages have been designed to keep build requirements to a minimum. Each package includes all individual options required to be buildable and the packages are also combinable with no plausibility conflicts.

Many of the previous packages and single options will still be available, however we believe you should be able to meet the needs of most of your customers with the new packages. Going forward, our up‐front messaging to customers will focus on these new packages, with individual options available to meet specialized needs.

The MY2014 Dealer Ordering Guide and Netstar have been updated to reflect the new package structure. We will provide more information about the new packages in the Webinars scheduled for Friday, May 10, and will also schedule additional training sessions as needed. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

To view the complete dealer ordering guide, please download the Sprinter Dealer Ordering Guide - 2014MY.pdf file.